Special Science: Energy vs. Birds

This week The Condor: Ornithological Applications published a Special Section of open-access papers exploring how energy development affects North America’s birds.

Impacts range from collision to electrocution to a host of indirect effects that scientists are working to untangle. “The diverse papers in this Special Section evaluate threats that manifest themselves in different ways across species, landscapes, and types of infrastructure,” said Condor Editor-in-Chief Phil Stouffer. Topics include:

Sandhill Cranes by Gary Zahm
Sandhill Cranes by Gary Zahm, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Even renewable energy practices can harm animal populations. “With the expected trajectory of energy development, particularly renewable resources, it will become increasingly important to manage risks to wildlife,” Stouffer said. “We hope ornithologists can inform decisions about energy development using information like we’re publishing here.”

The collection of papers was inspired by symposia hosted at 2014 meetings of AOU, COS, Society of Canadian Ornithologists,  and Raptor Research Foundation.

Source: Central Ornithology Publication Office