AOU Research Award Winners

Congratulations to 31 students and postdocs who just received awards to support their research from the American Ornithologists’ Union. See the list of winners below, and learn more about these annual awards here. To be eligible for AOU awards, join the society!

Osprey, Public Domain via PixabayOsprey, Public Domain via Pixabay

  • Matthew Aberle, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: Effects Of Temperature On House Finch Behavior, Physiology, And Infectious Disease Transmission
  • Mikus Abolins-Abols, Indiana University: Hormonal Regulation Of A Social Feather Ornament
  • Ian Ausprey, University of Florida: How Does Habitat Fragmentation Regulate the Composition and Genetic Connectivity of High Elevation Andean Forest Bird Communities?
  • Jessica Cusick, Florida State University: Investigating Proximate Causes of Interindividual Variation in Cooperative Behavior
  • Amelia-Juliette Demery, San Diego State University: Trait Evolution and Diversification of the Tanagers (Thraupidae)
  • Alana Demko, University of Windsor: Receiver Response To Vocal And Visual Signal Divergence In A Neotropical Songbird
  • Bryant Dossman, Cornell University: Winter Habitat Quality, Departure Timing, and Plasticity in Migratory Behavior: Can Birds Compensate for Delays in Migration?
  • Robert Driver, Villanova University: Direct Measurement Of Haldane’s Rule In A Moving Hybrid Zone
  • Douglas Eddy, University of Wyoming: Testing Models Of Energy Cost And Trade-Offs For Avian Malaria In A High Elevation Passerine
  • Benjamin Freeman, University of British Columbia: Measuring The Tempo Of Premating Reproductive Isolation In Neotropical Birds
  • Megan Garfinkel, University of Illinois at Chicago: Bird-Provisioned Pest Removal Services On Conventional Soy Farms: An Evaluation Of An Ecosystem Services Approach As A Tool For Prairie Bird Conservation
  • Brock Geary, Tulane University: Individual Foraging Strategies And Fitness Consequences In A Specialist Seabird
  • Mariamar Gutierrez Ramirez, University of Massachusetts Amherst: The Effect Of Lean Body Mass On Migratory Decisions Of Nearctic-Neotropical Migrants After Traversing An Ecological Barrier In Spring
  • Ashley Hannah, University of Wisconsin-Madison: Characterizing Breeding Habitat Selection And Reproductive Success Of The Wisconsin Population Of Kirtland’s Warbler
  • Rachel Hasson, University of Windsor: Nocturnal Migration of Birds In The Great Lakes Flyway: An Analysis of Timing and the Effects of Weather
  • Zach Kahn, University of Windsor: An Examination of Acoustic Paternity Guarding in a Neotropical Duetting Songbird
  • Abigail Kimmitt, Indiana University, Bloomington: Does Timing Of Migration And Reproduction Alter Gene Flow In Seasonal Sympatry?
  • Joshua LaPergola, Cornell University: The Adaptive Basis Of Sexual Size Dimorphism In The Hispaniolan Woodpecker (Melanerpes striatus) A Neotropical, Colonial Breeder
  • Libby Megna, University of Wyoming: Patterns Of Genomic Divergence In Hybridizing And Non-Hybridizing Passerines
  • Brian Myers, San Diego State University, University of California, Riverside: Genetics, Behavior, And Morphology In A Hummingbird Hybrid Zone
  • Sarah Nielsen, University of Melbourne: Using Rapid Acoustic Surveys To Assess The Species Richness Of Avian Communities In A Biodiversity Hotspot: Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Sean Peterson, University of California – Berkeley: Assessing Changes in Behavior, Survival, and Inter-specific Competition During a Historic Drought
  • Jennifer N. Phillips, Tulane University: What Are The Functional Consequences Of Urbanized Songs For Female Choice?
  • Kaiya Provost, Columbia University/American Museum of Natural History: Genetic And Behavioral Divergence Among Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) Populations: Testing The Permeability Of A Biogeographic Barrier
  • Samuel Slowinski, Indiana University: Comparing The Timing Of Relapse Of Plasmodium Infections In Co-Occurring Migrant Juncos That Vary In Breeding Latitude And In The Seasonal Timing
  • Grace Smith Vidaurre, New Mexico State University: How Has Human Habitat Alteration Contributed To Monk Parakeet (Myiopsitta monachus) Invasion Success Across The Northern Hemisphere
  • Maria Stager, University of Montana, Missoula: Connecting Individual Measures of Junco Survival and Thermogenic Performance
  • Rebecca Taylor, Queen’s University: The Role Of Allochronic Speciation In The Band-Rumped Storm-Petrel Species Complex (Hydrobates spp.)
  • Madhvi Venkatraman, University of Maryland, College Park: Understanding Rapid Adaptation To Elevation Post Species Introduction In The Japanese White-Eye (Zosterops japonicus)
  • James Wright, The Ohio State University: Habitat Use and Migratory Stopover Ecology of the Rusty Blackbird
  • David Zonana, University of Colorado, Boulder: Social Networks, Patterns Of Paternity, And Behavioral Reproductive Isolation Across A Quail Hybrid Zone

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