Katma Award Winners

In 2016 AOU and COS presented annual awards to honor members for outstanding service and contributions to science. Today we’re featuring the winners of COS’s prestigious Katma Award.

Image of Robert Storer (Katma Award)
The annual Katma Award was sponsored by Dr. Robert W. Storer

The Katma Award, honoring an outstanding paper related to ornithology that offers unconventional idea or innovative approaches, was presented to Drs. Muhammad Asghar, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, Dennis Hasselquist, Lund University, Lund, Sweden, Bengt Hansson, Lund University, Pavel Zehtindjiev, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, Helena Westerdahl, Lund University, and Staffan Bensch, Lund University, for their paper “Hidden costs of infection: Chronic malaria accelerates telomere degradation and senescence in wild birds” which appeared in 2015 in Science. Continue reading…