AOS Classification Committees Mentioned in Atlantic Article

screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-3-27-15-pmA recent article published in The Atlantic highlights the work and need for the AOS Classification Committees. There are two classification committees, one for North America and one for South America. Once a bird classification is made, it is not necessarily permanent. As ornithology advances and science brings new information to light, that is taken into consideration by the committee members when making decisions for new items as well as reviewing those previously established. And these classifications are important because they help the research side of ornithology as well as influence new projects. These decisions even affect bird watchers since classifications are influential on what bird names are published and the order of species in field guides.

The article primarily focuses on the example of the Striolated Puffbirds.

Read the full article to learn more: The Factious, High-Drama World of Bird Taxonomy by Andrew Jenner published in The Atlantic