Faces of AOS: Kathi Borgmann Bio

Kathi Borgmann_recording bird sounds
Kathi in the field recording bird songs.

• Email:

• Twitter Handle:

• My position with AOS:
Chair of the Communications Advisory Committee

• My current full-time title and institution:
Science Writer, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

• My current career stage:
mid-career professional

• My lineage of mentors/labs:
Undergrad – University of Wisconsin, Madison – Advisor: Don Waller
Masters – Ohio State University – Advisor: Amanda Rodewald
Ph.D. – University of Arizona – Advisor: Courtney Conway
PostDoc – University of Arizona – Advisor: Courtney Conway

• #badlyexplainyourjob:
I write about all things birds and tell their stories for the masses.

• My favorite bird and why:
Antpittas: cool, cute, intriguing little eggs on stilts

• I am involved with AOS because:
To engage with fellow ornithologists

• The best part about being a member of AOS is:
Annual meetings

• Birds are important to me because:
Birds are a currency for conversation. People connect with birds and what we know about them let’s us converse with the public to encourage environmental protection.

• Advice I have to offer a student (master’s level or younger) in ornithology:
Learn how to give positive feedback even to yourself
Find a question that you are passionate about
Finding a good mentor is like gold, make sure your advisor can give you what you need

• One ornithology question or problem I would like to solve or see solved:
Population declines

• Fun random fact about myself:
When I was about 10 years old I started an anti-littering campaign in my neighborhood. I went door to door to explain why littering was bad for the environment and asked them to sign a letter promising that they would never litter as long as they lived. I sent my signed letters to the president.