Faces of AOS: John Faaborg Bio

John Faaborg• Email:

• My position with AOS:
Former President

• My current full-time title and institution:
Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences,
University of Missouri-Columbia

• My current career stage:

• My lineage of mentors/labs:
I was mentored as an undergraduate by Dr. Milton Weller at Iowa State, who suggested I go to Princeton to work with Robert MacArthur, who died, so I worked with John Terborgh.

• #badlyexplainyourjob:
I seem to do long term studies on populations that decline

• My favorite bird and why:
Puerto Rican Tody because it is so tiny and brilliant.

• I am involved with AOS because:
It seemed like the best and largest bird group.

• The best part about being a member of AOS is:
Friendships made over the years.

• Birds are important to me because:
They are beautiful and important

• Advice I have to offer a student (master’s level or younger) in ornithology:
Work on birds and not worry about how much money you make.

• One ornithology question or problem I would like to solve or see solved:
What happened to the caprimulgids


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