Faces of AOS: Henry M. Streby Bio

Henry Streby with his family, Jeanine and Sora

• Email:

• Website/Blog/Etc:

• My position with AOS:
Publications Committee Member

• My current full-time title and institution:
Assistant Professor of Ecology, University of Toledo

• My current career stage:
Early Professional

• My lineage of mentors/labs:
BS (2001) and MS (2005) advisor, Donald B. Miles, Ohio University
PhD (2010) and postdoc (2010-12) advisor, David E. Andersen, USGS Minnesota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, University of Minnesota
NSF Postdoc (2012-2015) sponsor, David A. Buehler, University of Tennessee
Postdoc (2012-2015) host, Steven A. Beissinger, University of California, Berkeley

• #badlyexplainyourjob:
I track birds, and advise students tracking birds, to find out what makes birds tick & hopefully keep them ticking.

• My favorite bird and why:
Stewart Island Brown Kiwi, because I got 5 seconds with one on a 12-hr rainy hike in ankle-deep muddy clay. #worthit

• I am involved with AOS because:
Because individual work is most valuable when it is shared among colleagues, and AOS is where we share.

• The best part about being a member of AOS is:
Discovering an ever-growing network of collaborators.

• Birds are important to me because:
Because the things we don’t know about them promise to be at least as amazing as the things we already know.

• Advice I have to offer a student (master’s level or younger) in ornithology:
Your first season will be a pilot season whether you think so or not. It will be okay.

• One ornithology question or problem I would like to solve or see solved:
The funding problem

• Fun random fact about myself:
My graduate students do most of the work.