Congratulations 2017 Ralph W. Schreiber Conservation Award Winner – Dr. Daniel Roby

The Ralph W. Schreiber Conservation Award, established  in 2005, recognizes extraordinary scientific contributions to the conservation, restoration, or preservation of birds and/or their habitats by an individual or small team. The award honors Ralph Schreiber, a prominent figure in the American Ornithologists’ Union known for his enthusiasm, energy and dedication to research and conservation. The award comprises a framed certificate and an honorarium provided by the society’s endowed Ralph W. Schreiber Fund. Past recipients attending this meeting include John Fitzpatrick and Joe Wunderle.  This year the Schreiber Award goes to Dr. Daniel Roby of the U.S. Geological Survey-Oregon Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at Oregon State University.

Dr. Roby’s primary research addresses reproductive energetics of birds, especially seabirds. He uses energetic and nutritional approaches to better understand and help resolve wildlife management issues, including seabird-fisheries interactions, long-term impacts of oil spills, and the impacts of anthropogenic disturbance. Over his 40 year career, Dr. Roby’s efforts have ranged from recovering birds oiled in the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound to protecting the largest colony of Double-crested Cormorants and Caspian Terns nesting on the Columbia River, and creating the third breeding colony for the nearly-extinct Chinese Crested Tern. Wading into contentious waters and endless government bureaucracies, Dr. Roby’s contributions to resolving recent issues related to predator control have been especially notable. Dr. Roby has trained graduate students and postdocs far beyond what is required by his USGS position. He has also found time to teach in the International MIGRATE Training program over the past several years at OSU, Mexico, and Brazil.  

In recognition of these contributions to ornithology, AOS is pleased to name Dr. Daniel Roby as the 2017 recipient of the Ralph W. Schreiber Conservation Award.

AOS President Steve Beissinger presenting the award to Daniel Roby at the 2017 AOS Meeting in Michigan