The American Ornithological Society Welcomes the 2018 Class of Elective Members

39 Individuals Recognized for Significant Contributions to Ornithology

At the opening of the 2018 AOS annual conference in Tucson, Arizona, on April 9, 2018, the Society welcomed 39 new Elective Members (the largest slate of Elective Members in recent history), each selected by their peers for their significant contributions to ornithology and/or service to the AOS. In keeping with the AOS’ geographic focus, Elective Members are residents or citizens of the Western Hemisphere, and represent the of the global ornithology community.

This year’s newly recognized Elective Members are:

Virginia Abernathy (University of Rio Grande)
Jane E. Austin (Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, USGS)
Colleen Barber (Saint Mary’s University)
Than James Boves (Arkansas State University)
Patricia Brennan (Mount Holyoke College)
William P. Brown (Keuka College)
Jameson F. Chace (Salve Regina University)
Stéphanie M. Doucet (University of Windsor)
Kyle H. Elliott (McGill University)
Auriel M. V. Fournier (Mississippi State University)
Kevin Charles Fraser (University of Manitoba)
Matthew Fuxjager (Wake Forest University)
Laurie A. Hall (U.S. Geological Survey)
Julie A. Heath (Boise State University)
Pamela D. Hunt (New Hampshire Audubon)
Alex E. Jahn (Migratory Bird Center, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute)
Sarah E. Jamieson (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Ontario AND Trent University)
Frank A. La Sorte (Cornell Lab of Ornithology)
Gavin M. Leighton (Cornell University)
Christopher J. W. McClure (The Peregrine Fund)
Edward Henry Miller (Memorial University)
Andrea R. Norris (Canadian Wildlife Service)
J. Fernando Pacheco (Comitê Brasileiro de Registros Ornitológicos)
Mario B. Pesendorfer (Cornell Lab of Ornithology)
Dustin G. Reichard (Ohio Wesleyan University)
Rosalind B. Renfrew (Vermont Center for Ecostudies)
Christina Riehl (Princeton University)
Kristen Ruegg (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Daniel R. Ruthrauff (USGS Alaska Science Center)
Luis Sandoval (University of Costa Rica)
José Roberto Sosa-Lopez (CIIDIR Oaxaca, Instituto Politécnico Nacional)
Diana Stralberg (University of Alberta)
Jeffrey A. Stratford (Wilkes University)
Conor C. Taff (Cornell University)
Junior A. Tremblay (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
Jennifer L. Walsh (Cornell Lab of Ornithology)
Petra B. Wood (USGS West Virginia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit AND West Virginia University)
Natalie A. Wright (Kenyon College)
Elise F. Zipkin (Michigan State University)

New Elective Members are nominated each year by current Elective Members, Fellows of the Society, or by the AOS nominations committee, and are confirmed through a vote of the current Elective Members and Fellows.  “Being named an Elective Member of the AOS means that ornithological leaders have chosen to formally recognize their accomplishments and contributions to the scientific community. Joining the ranks of Elective Members is an important event in our professional society,” says Kathy Martin, president of the AOS.  “For over a century, the Society has made a point of celebrating excellence among our colleagues working to advance our understanding of birds and contributing to our scientific knowledge in order to conserve them. The AOS is honored to have this opportunity to recognize the next generation of ornithologists.”  

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